Big Data Generation Storage

Big Data Generation Storage
  • Big Data Generation Storage

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    Acquiring the knowledge of infrastructure, equipment and software used by Storage Area Network in the Big Data era. Starting from the analysis of modern high-performance SAN platforms, the course describes the most important features including the direct communication with the hypervisor, the mechanisms of Fast Replication, Smart Caching and Data Protection. Finally, the implementations of new networks Cloud Object Storage in the HTTP Content-based are discussed.


    • Storage networks with SAN Controller and NAS
    • From HDD to SSD technology evolution
    • High performant Block Storage with iSCSI and Fibre Channel
    • Cloud Oriented Object Storage Based on REST (RPC)
    • OpenStack Swift as the Object Storage manager
    • Implementations of Next Gen. Storage: Rackspace, NASA, Amazon Web Services EC2 and S3
    • Interworking between SAN equipment and the Hypervisors
    • Object Storage Virtual Machines via HTTP/REST
    • Virtual Switches and Virtual Firewalls for Storage Networks


    • Technical personnel and network administrators¬†responsible for Big Data¬†service management, both for internal¬†use and for Cloud Storage as a Service¬†customers.


    • TCP/IP Suite basic understanding.

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