Insightly for End Users

Insightly for End Users -
Insightly for End Users

Insightly for End Users

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Nov 8, 2017

Course Details

Strong relationships with customers are one of the keys to a successful business. More and more companies are using software tools that help them initiate, track, and improve customer relationships. A number of vendors offer web-based applications specifically designed for this purpose. However, these services tend to be geared for larger businesses—making them too expensive or too complicated for smaller companies to adopt. Insightly is designed to meet the needs of small business owners and their employees—offering a powerful, scalable solution that is affordable and easy to use.

Lesson 1: Signing Up and Logging In to Insightly

  • Topic A: Create an Insightly Account
  • Topic B: Access Insightly on Different Platforms
  • Topic C: Navigate the Insightly Web Interface
  • Topic D: Change Your User Settings

Lesson 2: Creating and Managing Organizations

  • Topic A: Add Organizations
  • Topic B: Act on Organizations

Lesson 3: Creating and Managing Contacts

  • Topic A: Add Contacts
  • Topic B: Act on Contacts

Lesson 4: Creating and Managing Opportunities

  • Topic A: Add Opportunities
  • Topic B: Act on Opportunities

Lesson 5: Working with Tasks and Projects

  • Topic A: Manage Tasks
  • Topic B: Manage Projects

Lesson 6: Managing Emails and Generating Reports

  • Topic A: Manage Emails
  • Topic B: Generate Reports

Lesson 7: Managing Events and Notifications

  • Topic A: Manage Events
  • Topic B: View and Change Notifications

Appendix A: Changing System Settings

The target students for this course are end users of the Insightly platform. Some examples of end users include employees of small businesses and staff of nonprofit organizations, in job roles such as product sales and donation solicitation, who use Insightly to perform tasks such as maintaining customer information, developing opportunities, and managing projects. Students may have a range of computer skills from novice to expert.

To ensure your success in this course, you should have basic end-user skills with computers and the Internet, and some experience using cloud-based applications.

You can obtain this level of skills and knowledge by taking the following Logical Operations courses:

  • Using Microsoft® Windows® 8 or Microsoft® Windows® 8 Transition from Windows® 7
  • Microsoft® Office 365™: Web Apps for End Users or Microsoft® Office 365™: Web Apps and Collaboration for Office 2013