Cisco TX9000 Management (TX9KM)

Cisco TX9000 Management (TX9KM) -
Cisco TX9000 Management (TX9KM)
  • Cisco TX9000 Management (TX9KM)

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    Cisco TelePresence/Video

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     Jul 18 to Jul 19, 2017

    Course Details

    Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager for Cisco TelePresence Video (PAIUCMTV) v1.0

    The Cisco TX9000 Management instructor-led course offered by High-Touch Delivery Learning Services introduces the student to the new Cisco® TX9000 Immersive TelePresence system. Through practical labs, this course teaches students how to install, configure, maintain, troubleshoot, and operate the Cisco TX9000 endpoint. Also discussed are the interactions between Cisco TX9000 endpoint and applicable infrastructure components.

    Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

    • Explain what Immersive telepresence is and how it is implemented
    • Identify the components of the TX9000 endpoint
    • Explain how to operate the TX9000 endpoint
    • Describe at a high level the current Cisco TelePresence® infrastructure components used by the TX9000 system
    • Implement the wiring installation of the TX9000 components
    • Configure the TX9000 endpoint
    • Perform basic maintenance on the TX9000 endpoint
    • Describe how to troubleshoot common problems for the TX9x00
    • Module 1: Immersive Telepresence
    • Module 2: TX9000 Overview
    • Module 3: Cisco TelePresence Infrastructure Components
    • Module 4: TX9x00 Installation Overview
    • Module 5: TX9000 Operations
    • Module 6: TX9000 Configuration
    • Module 7: TX9000 Maintenance
    • Module 8: TX9000 Basic Troubleshooting
    • Lab 1: Immersive Telepresence Exercise
    • Lab 2: Cisco TX9x00 TelePresence System Characteristics
    • Lab 3: Cisco TX9x00 TelePresence System Components
    • Lab 4: Cisco TX9x00 TelePresence System Infrastructure
    • Lab 5: Preinstallation Tasks
    • Lab 6: Installing a Cisco TX9x00 TelePresence System
    • Lab 7: Configuring the Cisco TX9x00 for IP Operations
    • Lab 8: Configuring the Cisco TX9x00 Through the Cisco Unified CM
    • Lab 9: Configuring Cisco TX9x00 Options on the Cisco Unified CM
    • Lab 10: Using the Cisco Touch 12 Control Panel to Place and Manage a Call on a Cisco TX9x00
    • Lab 11: Upgrading a Cisco TX9x00 System
    • Lab 12: Capturing Logs on a Cisco TX9x00 System
    • Lab 13: Troubleshooting the Cisco TX9x00 System
    • Channel Partner / Reseller
    • Customer
    • Employee

    Highly recommended would be prior experience with immersive telepresence systems (for example, Tandberg TelePresence T3 or Cisco TelePresence System 3000 Series) or completion of Cisco TelePresence Installation and Configuration Training (TICT).