Understanding Storage Technologies

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Understanding Storage Technologies
  • Understanding Storage Technologies

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    Acquiring the knowledge about the storage solutions and related networking. Starting from SAN’s state of the arts platforms, the course explains the evolutions for Data Center applications and Big Data. The course explains the techniques of Storage Administration and Configuration through RAID Group implementation, Virtual Snapshot, LUN Copy, LUN Clone, Smart Caching and Thin Provisioning.


    • Storage tecnology evolution
    • HDD and SSD devices
    • Solid State Technology: SLC and MLC
    • Communication interfaces and iSCSI and FC protocols
    • Storage hardware
    • DAS, NAS and SAN
    • Block Storage and File Storage
    • Multipath technology
    • Host server systems: analysis and comparisons
    • SAN solutions: analysis and comparisons
    • Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • RAID technology
    • RAID levels
    • RAID 2.0+ technology
    • LUN in traditional RAID and in RAID 2.0+
    • Big Data and Cloud Computing overview

    Target Audience

    • Technical personnel and network managers involved in Storage platform management, both for internal use and for Cloud Storage as a Service customers.


    • Basic computer skills.

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      Dec 12 to Dec 14, 2017
      Mar 14 - Mar 16, 2018
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