Wireless LAN Optimization

Wireless LAN Optimization
  • Wireless LAN Optimization

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    IP Networking (Insoft Specials)
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    This course provides in-depth knowledge on IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network architecture, analyzes deployment, integration and their impact on traffic management. Planning and design will be discussed, paying attention to technological and topological constraints. We will analyze performance of data and real-time traffic within these networks and the supported security policies. Finally, this training focuses on the equipment features, from the network operation and maintenance perspective.


    • 802.11 standard and its evolution
    • WLAN architectures
    • ISM and licensed frequency bands
    • Multiple access techniques
    • APs Roaming and Handover
    • RTS/CTS procedure
    • PDU structure
    • Wireless QoS
    • Radio wave propagation
    • Attenuation
    • Diversity advanced techniques
    • Indoor and outdoor planning
    • Devices and Antennas
    • Wireless LAN dimensioning
    • The Italian legislation for public Wi-Fi hotspots
    • Wireless Security (WEP, WPA1-2)


    This course is intended for local area network planners, installers and administrators.


    LAN and TCP/IP basic understanding.

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      Jun 19 - Jun 21, 2018
      Sep 19 - Sep 21, 2018
      Dec 18 - Dec 20, 2018