Vendor Independent Training Courses: Insoft Specials

Data Center

Course TitleDurationLevel
SDN Network Function Virtualization (NFV)3 DaysIntermediate
Understanding OpenFlow in SDN3 DaysAdvanced
Mastering SQL DB Management4 DaysIntermediate
Virtual Machine and Server Configuration5 DaysIntermediate
Datacenter Network Infrasructure3 DaysIntermediate
Understanding Storage Technologies3 DaysBasic
Big Data Generation Storage4 DaysIntermediate

Cloud Computing

Course TitleDurationLevel
Understanding Cloud Computing3 DaysBasic
IaaS Implementation3 DaysIntermediate
Exploring SaaS Solutions2 DaysIntermediate
OpenStack Deployment4 DaysAdvanced

IP Networking

Course TitleDurationLevel
Networking Fundamentals4 DaysBasic
Understanding IP Networking5 DaysIntermediate
Advanced IP Networking4 DaysAdvanced
IPv6 Planning and Design3 DaysIntermediate
Wireless LAN Optimization3 DaysIntermediate
MPLS Networks: Technology, Architecture, Performance4 DaysIntermediate
Routing Protocols for IP Networks4 DaysAdvanced
Quality of Service in Packet-Switched Networks3 DaysBasic
Management and Monitoring IP Networks3 DaysAdvanced
Implementing Enterprise Servers4 DaysIntermediate
Networks Analysis and Troubleshooting using Wireshark3 DaysIntermediate

ICT Security

Course TitleDurationLevel
Network Security Awareness3 DaysBasic
IP Security4 DaysIntermediate
IPv6 Security3 DaysIntermediate
VoIP Security Implementation3 DaysIntermediate
VPN: Design, Operation and Security3 DaysIntermediate
Advanced Network Security3 DaysIntermediate
Implementing Web Application Firewall2 DaysIntermediate


Course TitleDurationLevel
Optical Fibers5 DaysBasic
Understanding New Generation OTN and WDM Networks4 DaysIntermediate
Implementing New Generation SDH Networks4 DaysIntermediate
Frame Relay and ATM Networks4 DaysBasic
QoS measurements over Transport Networks2 DaysIntermediate
Implementing and Troubleshooting of Sync-E and IEEE-15883 DaysAdvanced
The impact of Sync-E and IEEE-1588 over OTN2 DaysAdvanced
Implementing Carrier Ethernet Protocols3 DaysIntermediate
IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)4 DaysAdvanced
Optical Fiber Measurements and Splicing2 DaysBasic

Fixed Access

Course TitleDurationLevel
Fixed Access Networks3 DaysBasic
Broadband Access for Triple Play Services3 DaysIntermediate
Broadband services over Twisted-Pair3 DaysIntermediate
Implementing VDSL2 on Hybrid Optical/Copper Networks3 DaysIntermediate
FTTX Architectures3 DaysIntermediate
GPON Technology3 DaysIntermediate


Course TitleDurationLevel
4G Evolution and LTE Technology5 DaysBasic
Implementing LTE Network2 DaysIntermediate
LTE Access Network3 DaysIntermediate
4G Core Networks3 DaysAdvanced
LTE Signalling2 DaysAdvanced
VoLTE: Voice over LTE3 DaysIntermediate
LTE Radio Planning and Dimensioning2 DaysAdvanced
Diameter Protocol for LTE3 DaysIntermediate
Self Organizing Networks Deployment3 DaysAdvanced
Evolving LTE networks to LTE-A3 DaysIntermediate
LTE-A Network Engineering2 DaysAdvanced
Small Cells and next generation Repeaters2 DaysIntermediate
5G Mobile Networks3 DaysIntermediate

Mobile Networks

Course TitleDurationLevel
Mobile Access Networks3 DaysBasic
Mobile Cellular Networks3 DaysBasic
UTRAN Network Technologies and Architecture4 DaysIntermediate
UMTS Core Network4 DaysIntermediate
UMTS Signalling Protocols4 DaysAdvanced
UMTS Cell Planning5 DaysAdvanced
HSPA and HSPA+: Principles, Application and Planning2 DaysAdvanced
Micorwave Links: Fundamentals, Planning and Testing3 DaysBasic
Antennas for Mobile Communication4 DaysIntermediate
Antennas: Advanced Technologies, Qualification and Testing3 DaysAdvanced
WiMAX and Point-to-Multipoint Systems3 DaysIntermediate
Terrestrial Trunked Radio: TETRA3 DaysIntermediate
Understanding Device Evolution2 DaysBasic
Understanding Mobile Applications2 DaysBasic
H.323, Sip, Sigtran, Bicc, H.248-Megaco Signaling Protocols4 DaysAdvanced
Managing SIGTRAN Protocols4 DaysIntermediate
Intelligent Network Deployment3 DaysIntermediate
Electrical Risk and Safety on ICT Plant1 DayBasic